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Self-Proclaimed Barista's

It's really easy for us to get wrapped up in our own obsession as coffee roasters.

We love roasting, we love brewing, we love different estates, we love trying new roasts, we love a morning coffee, we love an afternoon coffee. Basically, we love coffee in general. 

Amongst all this fanfare, we sometimes forget that not everyone has access to top-of-the-line espresso machines, professional grinders & the knowledge and terminology that we've accumulated over time. 

Not everyone knows about tasting notes, brewing temperatures, grind settings, origins, bodies, etc etc etc. 

We understand, It's hard to keep up sometimes. 

Therefore, here at Alfie & Co, we're all about providing top-tier coffee 'For the Self-Proclaimed Baristas'.

We're not about slogging you down with confusing terminology and overly-precise grind settings. We're all about empowering you as a coffee lover. It doesn't matter if you're just starting your journey in home brewing or you're already an expert. It doesn't matter wether you brew with a French Press, V60, Chemex, Espresso Machine or Moka Pot. It doesn't matter if you love a light, medium or dark roast. 

As a coffee roaster, it's our responsibility to make your home-brewing experience as enjoyable as possible. It's our responsibility to help you make your 'perfect cup'. 

Sure, there are individuals who really are experts. Who really are baristas with all the certifications and titles to prove it. Those who can distinguish between arabica and robusta, between a Kenyan and a Guatemalan. Those who can create exceptional latte art and beautiful espressos. They deserve all the credit they get. 

But, just because some invest unparalleled time and effort in to their coffee obsession doesn't discredit your own journey. 

Your journey in to the world of home-brewing is exactly that - yours. 

So, instead of telling you can't, we're here to tell you that you can. You can explore a world of signature coffee at Alfie & Co. You can brew with the method that most suits your unique palate. You can call yourself a 'Home Barista' if you'd like.

You can. 

Liam - Alfie & Co

P.S. In the future we'll be providing resources so that you can learn more about how to brew using different methods and much much more. Keep an eye out on our socials!