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Website Launch!

Our plan with the blog is to create a simple dialogue between us here at the roastery and you, the customer. We want to hear what you think, how you think we could improve, what you love, and what we could be doing better. 

The first aspect of this change is creating a website that is ultimately a pleasure to use. Therefore, we've created a new one that's more efficient, sleeker, and faster than before.

Alongside this, we've instituted a variety of changes to further enhance your shopping experience with us here at Alfie & Co. 

1. We now offer click + collect between the hours of 12-4 on Monday to Wednesday. We would ideally offer longer hours on a variety of days but as with everything we're very busy, running around the country delivering, tasting & training with some of the best coffee in Glasgow, Scotland. We will most likely be in the office on Thursdays, Fridays and even sometimes Saturdays but always phone ahead to make sure we're in if you're opting for collection!

2. Roast Alba! We have a brand new roast to celebrate our Scottish heritage, and let us tell you, it's a belter!! As a celebration of the new site, Roast Alba will now be available to buy! It's all freshly roasted and ground to your specifications, so get it while you can. 

3. NEWSHOP10 - A cheeky wee discount code for 10% off the new website!

Annnnnd, that's it for now. 

We hope you love the new website and the changes we're instituting but if you have any ideas of how we could improve, please let us know.