NEw Limited single estate roasts.

NEw Limited single estate roasts.

LONDON 1965 Roast STOVE TOP / MOKA Grind : Full bodied & rich

Enjoy our healthy clean air coffee roast.

 Full rounded body, smooth and rich with a fuller balanced finish. This roast has a rich crema and rich aroma.

A fabulous roast of Indian select arabica for caramel notes, Ethiopian high plain reserve robusta for chocolate notes and Costa Rica robusta for a rich body and full finish.

Ground for the ideal extraction in your stove top / moka coffee maker.

Offer : Buy 4 bags and get the 5th bag of your choice free.

Simply order and pay for the four bags you would like and add the extra bag of your choice to the note section in the shopping cart, and we will add to your order.

Free Royal Mail UK shipping on all orders over £35.00

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