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Simpson & Rye Ltd T/ A Alfie & Co Coffee Roasters are committed to meeting its responsibilities under the Health and Safety at Work, etc. Act 1974 the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, and associated protective legislation, both as an Employer and as a Company. A robust safety and security operation is in place at our roastery and warehouse, which includes a comprehensive risk assessment in relation to COVID-19. Any staff, third party suppliers, contractors or visitors who require access to facilities, are required to contact us to follow our guidelines and to ensure the highest standards of health and hygiene are maintained at all times. Additional control measures have been introduced and are reviewed and amended in line with the latest government and PHE advice; these include measures to minimise the risk of contraction or spreading of COVID 19. This includes: 1. Ensuring that the company complies with its duty to provide a safe and healthy workplace/working conditions for staff who will be returning to work in the workplace. 2. Circulating the coronavirus policy and safety procedures to all staff and managers; these set out how staff should behave and the precautions they must adopt during the pandemic to keep them safe: • coverings over the mouth and nose  are to be worn at all times • wash hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available • avoid close contact with people who are unwell • clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces • do not touch face, eyes, nose or mouth if hands are not clean Require staff to practice effective social distancing while in and around the workplace and when travelling to and from work by: • avoiding non-essential contact with others • keeping a safe distance of at least 2 metres (about 3 steps) from others always • avoiding physical contact (eg hugs, handshakes, etc) • Travel to site in your own vehicle and do not share vehicles with other persons • Avoid the use of Public Transport where possible, if it is necessary then a face covering must be worn • keep local/departmental risk assessments under review to ensure that a safe place of work is maintained • make any adjustments to the workspace/rotas/work patterns/ procedures necessary to facilitate social distancing at work • cancel face-to-face meetings and replace them with video conferencing/ phone conferencing • all non-essential travel stopped • provide personal protective equipment (PPE) as required (in clinical settings) • increase environmental cleaning in the workplace; (particularly touch points, handrails, lift buttons) review and revise cleaning method statements and schedules and ensure cleaning staff have access to suitable detergents, disinfectants and PPE,  ensure that they are given adequate support to enable them to comply with Government health recommendations. No member of staff in a vulnerable or high-risk category are allowed to come to work during the crisis; they should be advised to follow Government social distancing/medical advice and stay at home.  Visitors must wear masks at al times. a temperature check will be carried out before entering the building, hand sanitisation is required on entering and entry to the roasting and production are is expressly forbidden.