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Hosting a Coffee Experience

We're very excited to announce our second run of coffee experience events being held at our Drymen cafe!

These events for us are always both enjoyable and also very important, as it's a way for us to share our knowledge of roasting and brewing so that the home barista can ensure they're getting the best from their coffee.

We also feel it's important to share the journey of the coffee bean, right from the initial contact with the farmers to their coffee bean ending up ground into a hot, warming brew that you hold in your hand and savour the scent and taste of.

The previous events were all well received and sold out each time, so we're hopeful that we can replicate the informative and intimate atmosphere again! 

This will also be a bit of a celebration for us, as we've now taken steps to consolidate our roastery into our cafe location, which continues to grow from strength to strength.

So if you're local and want to find out more about coffee, head over to the shop link and get yourself a ticket to an evening with us here at Alfie & Co Coffee Roasters!