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Wholesale, but with a difference.

A good coffee roaster (that's us, by the way!) can be a gateway to not just quality, but also success for any business that supplies coffee as part of their daily trade. It could be an event organiser, a cafe, a mobile caterer, hotels, leisure facilities, or even if it's just in-house for your own staff to consume ethical and healthy, locally sourced coffee.

Yet there's a difference in the ways you can get your wholesale supply.

You can go to a large company, press the right number for the automated telephone system, maybe press another one. Then speak with the Executive Relationship Manager or Client Development Officer. Some forms, some emails, and you pay and get your product. Perhaps it's functional and works. Maybe it feels a bit empty? You've got some questions and queries. Maybe they can help, maybe they can't.

Or you decide that you want that rapport, that familiar voice, that direct contact, that quick response, that bespoke and tailored solution to your needs. That personally developed roast and flavour profile, created through collaboration and consultation, the excitement and adventure of experimentation.

That's us. This might sound crazy for a business, but we've been in this game long enough to know that what we value from a wholesale supply isn't the sale, it's the relationship. It's the connections. It's the friendships that come about and the opportunities that present.

Alfie & Co Coffee Roasters was founded on the principles of natural, ethical and healthy, and what underpins all of this is integrity. 

Through good communication and a shared direction we'll work with you to not only get a roast that works for you and your customers, but that'll also inform and define your approach to coffee.

Plus, that relationship is one to one. You'll get to know us and we'll get to know you and your business. Come visit us, sit with us, have a brew, have a chat, let's get some innovation on the go, let's create something special that's yours and only yours, or take one of our tried and tested, long standing and popular roasts.

What's the biggest benefit to that relationship for you as a business owner? Accountability. We know the contents of each bag we pack. We're happy with every shovel of roast we pour in and seal up. If you're not happy, you just tell us and we'll fix it. You'll be speaking to the same person who speaks to the farmers in Kenya and Columbia. The same person who loads the roaster and tests, checks, and perfects the roast. 

That's what we call optimisation and streamlining!

So if you need a regular coffee supply in bulk, we can help. If you need advice and guidance and want to develop your own roast, we can help. If you simply want reassurance and a tight working relationship, we can help.

If you want to enquire about a wholesale supply from Alfie & Co Coffee Roasters.... just call us! 0141 427 2663 - it doesn't get any easier!