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Selection Gift Box

The perfect gift for all coffee lovers. The Alfie & Co gift box packed with 6 x 100 gram bags of our delicious coffee roasts. Surprise your loved ones with the perfect coffee gift set consisting of 6 bags of beautiful, unique coffee packaged in a premium black presentation box (you don't even have to do the wrapping).

2 boxes available, varying in strength range:
Medium to full : Guatemala Gold, Brazilian Bahia, Kenyan Bungoma, Roast M, Harley's Signature Roast, Nova's Special Roast*.
*Due to supply shortage, we are unable to include Nova's Special Roast, so we will include another blend in its place.    
Full to very Full : Kenyan Bungoma, Barista 50, London 1965, Roast M, Alba, Barista Dark & Rich 
Or choose your own:
Custom: Let us know in the order notes your preferred selection of 6 roasts.

Selection Gift Box