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Our Coffee, Your Experience..

Coffee has become a bit of a boom industry in the past decade. It's easier than ever to find a local coffee roaster making fantastic blends with delicious flavour profiles. It's not always easy finding one with the lineage in coffee roasting though.

Alfie & Co Coffee Roasters was launched in 2014 by Paul Equi, not on a whim or sudden interest in coffee, but as the continuation of a family legacy. For the last 70 years, the Equi family have been roasting and blending coffee in Glasgow for customers across the country. This continual development of knowledge and skillset, refined through adherence to traditional processes and techniques has resulted in a range of delicious roasts, some going back to 1965 and some as new as 2022.

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The ethos behind Alfie & Co is something that could be recognised today by generations gone by. Ethical, natural and healthy. Those three pillars form of the foundation for everything the Equi family have stood for and underpin Alfie & Co Coffee Roasters today.

Our beans are sourced not from wholesalers or third party agents, but direct from farmers across the globe. When we need to order in green beans, we'll get on the phone to the farmer, catch up on not just family news but business and industry developments alike.

Our beans are then loaded and shipped directly to us, ensuring our beans are as fresh as possible to give the best roast possible.

These relationships, the rapports we have, the friendships developed over the years, all of this gives us the confidence that our beans are being farmed and cropped in a sustainable, ethical fashion. We're also not part of the Fairtrade scheme, which means we pay true value for our product and not an artificially capped price. It doesn't matter if the industry market price drops for coffee, we'll pay the ethically correct rate as determined by the farmer. This means we always get the very best harvest, because we're paying for it.

We never use any chemicals or flavouring in our coffee roasts. The only thing in your Alfie & Co Coffee is the coffee, and a splash of love and commitment to giving you the best we possibly can. No additives, preservatives or anything other than what the best green bean can offer.

The proof? Your palate. Our loyal customers. Our custom roasts for luxury hotels such as Kim and Andy Murray's 5 star Cromlix House in Dunblane, our collaboration with 57 Skye Gin, the list goes on. 

So why not add your name to the list of people that love our coffee?

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