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Here at Alfie & Co, ethics are our first and foremost priority. We therefore work directly with small co-operatives & family plantations to ensure maximum transparency in our supply-chain. By working directly with the farmers themselves, we ensure they retain 100% of the profit; thus, no funds are lost to indirect, unnecessary middlemen. We work with farms across the globe - from Guatemala to Brazil to Ethiopia - and proudly shout about our ability to support small, sustainable farms from various regions and backgrounds. 

Roasting Process

Furthermore, when we receive our coffee, we only use natural air to drum-roast our coffee. This means no artificial chemicals, preservatives or other nasties in your coffee. We keep everything 100% natural! This is in contrast to the big high-street chains that use artificial preservatives to sustain their coffee for longer. Although their coffee may last longer, potentially harmful preservatives are passed on to you, the customer, and may contribute to feelings of sickness, anxiety or ill-health. We therefore refuse to add anything other than heat and air to our coffee beans; meaning you'll get an incredible taste with none of the nasty side-effects.

Packaging & Paperless

Aside from our coffee, we use as much recyclable packaging as possible. You'll notice that our boxes are fully recyclable, our tape is biodegradable and our packaging labels are also fully recyclable too. Lastly, but certainly not least, we're on our way to going 100% paperless. If we can send you receipts, orders or invoices via email - then we will! After all, it helps you, us, and the planet. 
Alfie Coffee Sustainability
If you wish to speak to us directly about our ethics and sustainability efforts then please don't hesitate to email us at