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Paul Equi

Founder, Owner and Expert Coffee Roaster.

Paul looks back on an extensive career spanning over four decades, immersed in Glasgow's vibrant coffee, restaurant, and cafe scene. His journey is not merely a personal endeavour but a familial legacy steeped in the Equi family's multi-generational dedication to the coffee trade. Raised amidst the aromatic ambience of coffee roasting and brewing, Paul's fascination with the bean began in childhood and flourished into an unwavering passion in his adult years.

The meticulous approach Paul applies to every aspect of coffee cultivation, from sourcing to roasting to presentation, is evident in the exquisite aromas, nuanced profiles, and delightful flavours that grace each cup. His belief in the importance of nurturing relationships with coffee farmers worldwide is palpable, as he frequently engages in heartfelt conversations with growers, forging connections that transcend borders and cultures.

Beyond his devotion to the coffee craft, Paul's interests extend to the natural world, where he finds solace in beekeeping, the art of foraging, and a deep appreciation for all things organic and sustainable. This holistic approach to life informs his work, infusing every batch of coffee with a sense of harmony and respect for the environment.

For Paul, all this experience counts for little if it's not shared, and he is always keen to discuss his trade and hobbies, impart knowledge and expertise and help and guide. That's why his coffee experiences are renowned and always popular!

Paul hosting one of the famous Alfie & Co Coffee Roasters coffee experience nights