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Selection Gift Box

The perfect gift for all coffee lovers. The Alfie & Co gift box packed with 6 x 100 gram bags of our delicious coffee roasts. Surprise your loved ones with the perfect coffee gift set consisting of 6 bags of beautiful, unique coffee packaged in a premium black presentation box (you don't even have to do the wrapping).

2 boxes available, varying in strength range:
Medium to full : Guatemala Gold, Brazilian Bahia, Kenyan Bungoma, Roast M, Harley's Signature Roast, Nova's Special Roast*.
*Due to supply shortage, we are unable to include Nova's Special Roast, so we will include another blend in its place.    
Full to very Full : Kenyan Bungoma, Barista 50, London 1965, Roast M, Alba, Barista Dark & Rich 
Or choose your own:
Custom: Let us know in the order notes your preferred selection of 6 roasts.

  1. Buy 4 x 250g bags, get 1 FREE - specify in order notes
  2. FREE collection (available 12-4 Mon to Wed)
  3. Naturally, ethical & healthy air-drum roasted coffee 
  4. No additives, chemicals or preservatives
  5. Downright incredible tasting coffee

Please Note: 100g Taster bags are intended to be consumed quickly and thus do not have a resealable pouch.


Our ethos is natural and healthy - coffee roasted as nature intended, free from additives and flavourings. We only use the latest harvest of green coffee beans, to ensure the maximum flavour and aroma from our coffee. Furthermore, our beans are selected from small family run plantations and small cooperatives to help sustain the farmers at source.


Our roasting process uses only heated clean air to roast the green coffee.  This ensures that our coffee is free from toxins found in most roasting processes.
We only use fresh, ripe and premium quality beans which results in unique flavours and aroma, without bitterness, acidity or too much caffeine.

Everything is made-to-order thus you can be confident in the quality and standard of our coffee. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with amazing coffee that leaves you with a 'good mouth'. 

We're confident you'll love it!

Selection Gift Box